The Ultimate GCSE Computer Science Resources ™

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These comprehensive resources are updated for first teaching of the new Computer Science GCSE specifications from September 2020, consisting of high quality content related directly to each specification.  Available for Edexcel, OCR and AQA, the resources are also suitable for Eduqas and iGCSE as about 90% of the content is the same.  Far more comprehensive than any textbook or other resources available for GCSE Computer Science, a lifetime owner licence is cheaper than a set of 15 textbooks.

This sample chapter is for Edexcel’s algorithms chapter but gives a flavour of what all chapters will be like.  Feel free to try this in a couple of lessons, but please do purchase if you intend to keep using it.

See installation instructions in the root folder.  There is also an installation video and other tutorials about how to use the resources at www.paullong.net/ultimateintro 

The Ultimate GCSE Computer Science Resources ™ include:

  • The Ultimate GCSE CS Textbook (online and printable) separated into chapters to match each specification with links to the other resources.  Each chapter has its own contents page for simple navigation.

  • The Ultimate GCSE CS Animated Presentations each linking all the resources together with engaging content and elegant animations to assist learner understanding

  • 100s of walkthrough examples including animated walkthroughs

  • 100s of student activities (worksheets) which can be sent electronically or printed for students to complete during class or at home

  • 100s of links to carefully selected engaging videos

  • 100s of exam style questions together with question templates (worksheets) for students to produce their answers

  • Extension work for high ability learners

  • 100s of answers to activities and exam style questions

  • 100s of Python programs linked to examples, activities and exam style questions.  Each program demonstrates what is being taught with on-screen step-by-step guidance as to what is happening at each stage of the program.

All the resources can be downloaded to your school network or installed on laptops, tablets and mobile phones for use within the classroom and at home.  NO student login is required.  Ultimate GCSE ™ and Ultimate Computer Science ™ are trademarks of paullong.net

Animated Presentations

The animated presentations can be used by teachers to help with the delivery of the subject content for the Computer Science GCSE.  These are NOT ‘death by PowerPoint’ presentations, but are attractively illustrated and animated to demonstrate computer science concepts in an easy to understand and engaging way.  The presentations can be used standalone or can be used alongside the included online textbook with direct links to activities, reading and questions.  A large selection of carefully selected videos are embedded within the presentations.

The Author

All the resources are written by Paul Long who has written text books for Hodder, CUP and self-published books and resources.  Paul is a former principal examiner for two exam boards and has a wealth of experience with the teaching and assessment of computing.  Paul is also a Subject Matter Expert for the National Centre for Computing Education and a Subject Expert for Ofqual.

Installation Instructions

Using the Resources

Folder Structure used for the Resources

The Teacher Pack

Other Information

Two year student license for single user only for the duration of the course (allowed as 3 years if 3 year KS4).  One year site license is for school or college use for 12 months.  Lifetime owner is full product permanent ownership for school with editable chapters for the lifetime of this product in its current form for the current specifications.  School or college can allow students to install on personal devices for period of license or learning, whichever is shortest.  If you have purchased any of these resources in the last 12 months, contact me for a personalised upgrade price.

A few of the video links are to BBC videos which will only work within the UK.  This only applies to a small number of videos, but if you are teaching an international school then it is best to be prepared knowing that these videos will not work, especially if you tested them at home on a VPN and assumed they were working.