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If you are using or considering purchasing the combined package of The Ultimate GCSE CS Resources and membership to Craig’n’Dave, you will find this article from Craig’n’Dave helpful to find out how the resources can be used together.

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For example, if you purchased Ultimate GCSE CS Resources in January and decide to renew with this bundle in September, I will deduct the cost of the remaining 3 months: £32.50.  All you pay is £190.70.

Already have an active Craig’n’Dave membership?

That’s no problem either.  Purchase through Craig’n’Dave and they will deduct the cost of the remaining time from your invoice or issue a pro-rata refund to your credit card. 

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Renew today and we’ll both refund you the difference!  

The software is called draw.io from diagrams.net and can be used online at https://app.diagrams.net/

You can also download a free copy for installation on individual or networked computers from https://www.diagrams.net/

In the root folder, find the Teacher Pack folder, then select the exam board you are using. There will then be an Activities Answers folder. You will also find a file called “Activity Answers Index.pdf” which links to all the activity worksheets, answer files and, where appropriate, Python, SQL or draw.io files.

This is most likely because you are not based in the UK and the content cannot be accessed outside the UK. This only applies to a small number of video links. You may find that it’s working OK at home where you might be using a VPN to access UK content and then discover it doesn’t work within your school. It is best to be prepared in advance of these situations so that you don’t discover the problem in the middle of a lesson. The easiest solution would be to hide the slide where the embedded video or video link does not work. There are other solutions, but please do check the legality of these.