I’m excited to announce a new partnership with Craig’n’Dave.  This is great news for YOUR school.  You can now purchase one single package that includes all of Craig’n’Dave’s resources together with all of The Ultimate GCSE Computer Science Resources for a combined discount of 20%.  That’s a massive saving of over £65 + VAT per year for all the teaching and learning resources you will ever need for GCSE Computer Science.

Save money for your school and get all the teaching resources you'll ever need!

paullong.net The UItimate GCSE Computer Science Resources£149 + VAT *
Craig'n'Dave Craig’n’Dave Membership£179 + VAT
paullong.net Craig'n'Dave Total if purchased separately£328 + VAT
Total if purchased as a bundle£262.40 + VAT
Save 20%Saving your school£65.60 + VAT

* only applicable with annual licence, not available with one-off purchase. VAT can be reclaimed by state-maintained schools and academies.

Better together

This is just the start of an exciting future together.  Craig’n’Dave are trusted names in computer science with a large following.  In 2021 I will also be bringing my expertise to the Smart Revise platform.  Not only with hundreds more exam-style questions from my Ultimate GCSE Computer Science Resources, soon to be available within Smart Revise, but also references to pages of my textbook and presentations in personalised revision reports. 

Paul Long

Shared aims

This is an exciting new partnership for us. Craig, Dave, and Paul are all qualified teachers, and we have a passion for seeing learners thrive. Instead of being competitors, we are now partners. We are still two independent companies, but we are joining forces to offer your learners the very best of both worlds. Our resources are not mutually exclusive but complement each other. Craig’n’Dave have always been pioneers of flipped learning and contemporary pedagogy, but we know sometimes you want a little more for the classroom. The Ultimate GCSE Computer Science Resources from Paul Long is a perfect fit. Using a combination of both pedagogical approaches provides for even more variety to maintain learner engagement.

Find out more about how to use both Craig’n’Dave and The Ultimate GCSE Computer Science Resources together.

The best of both worlds

Although Paul Long and Craig’n’Dave will continue to be independent it makes more sense for schools if I know what Craig’n’Dave are creating and they know what I am creating. It means we can ensure our resources are complementing instead of competing with each other.

Already have a paullong.net Ultimate GCSE annual licence?

That’s no problem.  Purchase “The Ultimate Package with Craig’n’Dave” for 12 months today and I will refund the difference.

For example, if you purchased Ultimate GCSE CS Resources in January and decide to renew with this bundle in September, I will refund the cost of the remaining 3 months: £37.25.

Already have an active Craig'n'Dave membership?

That’s no problem either.  Purchase through Craig’n’Dave and they will deduct the cost of the remaining time from your invoice or issue a pro-rata refund to your credit card. 

Already have both?

Renew today and we’ll both refund you the difference!  

Select the product from the paulong.net website and your purchase will be administered by Craig’n’Dave.

New and existing subscribers will have the same renewal date for both products in the future.