The Ultimate GCSE Computer Science Resources ™

These comprehensive resources are updated for first teaching of the new Computer Science GCSE specifications for first examination in summer 2022, consisting of high quality content related directly to each specification.

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GCSE CS Exam Analysis 2022
29 September 2022
This presentation shows a summary of the exam statistics in 2022 and compares them with 2019, looking...
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The Practical Programming Statement
15 September 2021
I hear lots of questions about the practical programming statement (PPS). What is it? When do I need...
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Command Words in Exams
15 July 2021
Did you know that for GCSE Computer Science, AQA uses 28 different command words, OCR uses 30 different...
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Setting Grade Boundaries for Mocks
30 June 2021
One of the most common questions I get asked is about how to set grade boundaries for mocks or other...
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15 June 2021
People who know me personally or through social media will know that I have a lot to say. If I see something...
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