A Student, Chancellor’s School, Hertfordshire

Before my teacher linked me to your video playlist for the Database (Task 3) I knew I was destined to fail and therefore greatly compromise my ICT AS level as the Database task includes the most marks which I’m sure you’re aware of. I was going to fail because I simply didn’t understand the software and the teacher didn’t have too much time to help as it would take her ages to guide me through the whole task. Four weeks before the deadline I was getting depressed about this project, my other subjects were fine but I knew ICT would be failed if I didn’t complete this to a good enough standard. I was stumbling through the software, a long way behind my classmates apart from a couple who knew they were going to fail ICT before they took it (sorry Dan and George). I figured it just wasn’t going to happen and I would have to retake all of ICT next year because of this… Until I received an e-mail from my teacher, a playlist to all of your wonderful videos. The way you went through everything slowly but not too slow and concisely, not filming anything unnecessary help enormously. I completed more of the work over one weekend than I had done for the previous month! Even though you weren’t doing exactly the same project everything still made sense and most importantly I was finally understanding the damn software! It took me a couple more nights to complete and I couldn’t have been happier. I’m handing it in at the end of this week and I’m more than satisfied sir! Thank you. I know the read was longer than I had promised earlier but I had to do something, I couldn’t just give you another measly view on all the videos of your playlist, I had to write something to the man himself, so if you’re still reading, if it’s worth your time, I must thank you one more time as you’ve probably saved me a year of my life as I can progress to the next level of ICT! I don’t know if you get paid or anything but I just want you to know that making the videos helped one mere student at least, and I will be forever grateful, thanks again Paul!