Choosing the right Specification

Helping you choose your new GCSE CS Specification:

An evaluation of how the current specifications (first examination 2022) for AQA 8525, Edexcel 1CP2 and OCR J277 compare with an interactive spreadsheet allowing you to compare the specifications side by side. There is also a summary presentation available.  Editor’s choices: Edexcel if you want an onscreen programming exam using Python or OCR if you want exam paper based programming questions.

The video below was originally created for the changeover of specifications from 2016 to 2020.  It is due to be updated to remove references to 2016 and to include new exam data from 2022 and 2023.  It will be based upon the “Choosing an Awarding Organisation” presentation above. 


The best resources available for GCSE Computer Science

While you are here, do check out the all-in-one solution for teaching and learning GCSE Computer Science – Ultimate GCSE Computer Science Resources.  Free sample chapter available. 

For exam preparation, do have a look at the Ultimate Walking Talking Mocks.  Free sample video available. 

This section is here for legacy purposes but is less relevant when choosing an awarding organisation.  

Transitioning from old to new GCSE Computer Science

Moving from the old to new GCSE:

An explanation of how to make the transition to OCR’s, EdExcel’s and AQA’s new specifications for Computer Science (first examination 2022) including side by side specification changes highlighted to clearly show the changes that have been made and a brief explanation on how each will impact your teaching.  All the hard work done for you, except for AQA where the specification content has had to be redacted at their request.

Changes from OCR’s J277 v1 to v2 specification (June 2020)

This section is here for legacy purposes.  You can download this free guide to see the version 2 (v2) changes made by OCR in June 2020 to their J277 specification for first teaching in September 2020.  If you are using the documents above, then these have already been updated for J277 v2 so you shouldn’t need to use this separate guide for v2.