The Ultimate Walking Talking Mocks ™

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These Walking Talking Mocks will help your students understand how to write answers to examination questions and maximise the marks available to them.

Buy two Walking Talking Mocks together and save 20%.

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These are not just any mocks. These are Walking Talking Mocks. A comprehensive 4K video walk-through of how to answer each question in the exam with picture-in-picture, elegant animations to help with explanations, links to the specification and how to apply the mark scheme.

The Ultimate Walking Talking Mocks ™ include:

  • Step-by-step guide to answering each question in an exam
  • The thought process involved in answering a question
  • Deliberate mistakes which are then corrected whilst answering the question
  • A deep dive into exam technique
  • What the specific subject qualification at that level and for that exam board are expecting from command words
  • Tips from an experienced examiner including:
    • which parts of the question are important to highlight (forget the command words, these are obvious, it’s the subtle words that need highlighting)
    • what the mark scheme is likely to be looking for
    • what ‘naughty examiners’ do to ‘catch them out’
  • An optional extra to see how the mark scheme is applied to each question

These Walking Talking Mocks have been produced through a combination of many years of examining experience and scrutinising specifications, question papers, mark schemes and examiner reports.

There are two sample videos below based on Edexcel’s on-screen programming exam.

Benefits of Walking Talking Mocks

A Walking Talking Mock is where the teacher answers an exam question whilst students are watching and the students listen to the thought process of the teacher whilst answering the question themselves.  Some schools will do this in an exam hall with the teacher’s paper shown on a large screen and some will do this exercise during lessons.  Rather than just giving students an exam paper, this process enables them to experience how the questions should be answered so they can replicate a similar process in the real exam or a forthcoming mock exam.

The Ultimate Walking Talking Mocks from paullong.net Ltd are written by an experienced examiner and can save you hours of planning.  Let your students hear from the mouth of an examiner how best to answer exam questions.  We all know that students also pay more attention when listening to an external speaker and so using these videos adds an additional benefit.

The videos are broken down by each question and so your students can watch them in their own time or you can pick parts of videos that you want to include in lessons over a longer period of time.

The Ultimate Walking Talking Mocks will help your students to

  • achieve higher grades
  • understand the skills and methods required to answer different types of exam questions
  • gain an insight into what the examiner is looking for in an answer
  • avoid common mistakes
  • find the easy marks in questions that appear to be difficult
  • understand the process needed to arrive at the correct answers
  • prioritise questions which they are most likely to achieve marks from
  • plan their time carefully throughout an exam

They are also an invaluable source of professional development for teachers to help them understand the intricacies of the mind of an examiner, how extra marks can be gained and how to help students to avoid losing marks.  When creating the Ultimate Walking Talking Mocks, all available evidence has been used to ensure the most accurate advice is given.  Each question is answered by Paul Long without looking at any other documentation.  He then compares his answers  forensically with the mark scheme, the examiner’s report and any other materials that are available.  Paul will then ensure that the video includes accurate advice and will deliberately throw in common errors, misconceptions and weak answers to help students avoid those mistakes, before then showing how to arrive at the best answer.  For a modest fee, this will save you as teachers many hours and days of planning and preparation and give your students the best boost possible for their exams.  Creating a walking talking mock is not an easy task.  There are lots of things to consider including getting the pace right for students so they can keep up, but also don’t get bored and knowing how much information to give them without giving them too much information.

Research has concluded that Walking Talking Mocks have a measurable impact and show significant improvements in exam performance.


Other Walking Talking Mocks for Computing are planned, including:

  • Cambridge Nationals in IT
  • 2023 Papers due winter 2023/24

The Author

All the resources are written by Paul Long who has written text books for Hodder, CUP and self-published books and resources.  Paul is a former principal examiner for two exam boards and has a wealth of experience with the teaching and assessment of computing.  Paul is also a Subject Matter Expert for the National Centre for Computing Education and a Subject Expert for Ofqual.

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Other Information

Two year student license for single user only for the duration of the course (allowed as 3 years if 3 year KS4).  Lifetime owner is full product permanent ownership for a school in its current form for the current specifications.  School or college can allow students to link to the videos on personal devices for the period of license or learning, whichever is shortest.  

Exam Board and Paper

Edexcel 2022 Paper 1, Edexcel 2022 Paper 2, OCR 2022 Paper 1, OCR 2022 Paper 2, Pre-order Edexcel 2023 Paper 1, Pre-order Edexcel 2023 Paper 2, Pre-order OCR 2023 Paper 1, Pre-order OCR 2023 Paper 2, Pre-Order OCR Additional SAM Paper 2 (2023), Pre-order Cambridge National in IT SAM R050