GCSE CS AQA 8520 Programming Project / NEA Model Answers

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The model answers for each of AQA’s NEA and Programming Projects for the 8520 specification.  Includes design, development, testing and evaluation and the Python files used.  Suitable for showing students how to solve a complex problem through decomposition.  Excellent practice tasks for the informal teacher-set programming tasks required as part of the latest GCSE Computer Science specifications for AQA, Edexcel, OCR.

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(sample based on sample NEA task 1)

If you are teaching GCSE Computer Science, then these resources will be invaluable to you. Each set of model answers include a complete document which would achieve 100% of the marks if the work was being assessed. The answers include annotations to give guidance as to what has been done together with comprehensive teacher guidance notes. If you purchase this product, you will also receive the original code and diagrams used to create the answers free of charge. The answers are produced by a previous Principal Examiner, Syllabus Developer and experienced teacher of Computing.  Although targeted at AQA programming projects, these are suitable for any examination board because students no longer need to complete a board-set project.

Model answers are available for:

  • NEA Sample Assessment Material (SAM) Task 1 – Shapes Area Quiz
  • Programming Project 2018-19 – Celebrity Dogs Game (Top Trumps)
  • Programming Project 2019-20 – AQA ASCII Art (RLE)
  • Programming Project 2020-21 – Flight Planning