GCSE CS AQA 8520 NEA (Programming Project) 2017 Similar but Different Tasks

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These are ideal for practising programming tasks for any exam board including AQA, Edexcel and OCR.  Your school/college will receive a complete set of similar but different tasks which cover the same skills as those required for the real NEA for AQA from 2017, including ‘coursework technique’. The “similar but different tasks” come with guidance for students on how to complete those tasks and the level of guidance will depend upon the complexity of the task.  A complete set of answers to the “similar but different” tasks is provided that can be shared with students as part of AfL (Assessment for Learning) and these answers include the original working Python files used to create the answers. These resources are produced by a previous Principal Examiner and Syllabus Developer.

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These similar but different tasks, suitable for any exam board, will help students to develop programming skills along with design, testing and evaluation.  This product includes:

  • 153 presentation slides for the teacher to guide students and demonstrate answers
  • Flowcharts created using the free Draw.io flowchart tool
  • 23 Python files showing the code at each stage of development
  • Worksheets guiding students through the requirements of each of the 3 tasks.
  • A model answer to a complete project