Free of charge access to any resource offered by for the duration of your training, including for use with students you are teaching. 

Apply by sending an email to from your school placement email address and include the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Home address
  • Personal email address
  • Name of school you are currently training at
  • School placement email address
  • Statement to confirm you are a trainee teacher

Trainee Teachers Terms and Conditions

You are allowed to use any resource from with pupils you are teaching. The resource must only be used by yourself and your pupils within the classroom. It must not be used by other teachers unless it is paid for. If the resource can be partitioned into smaller components (eg an activity or pages of a textbook) then only the required sections should be shared with pupils rather than providing the whole resource to your pupils. You must not remove the copyright statement or logo from resources you use. As soon as you have finished using the resource with the students in the classroom, it must be deleted (eg a week after teaching the lesson). When leaving the school or starting a job at the school, all resources must either be deleted or paid for – this includes deleting them from your own personal devices. It is recognised that as a student you do not have purchasing power, but it is hoped that you will recommend the resources you use to your training school and your next school when you are employed. This offer does not apply to The Ultimate Package with Craig’n’Dave.